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Sugaring or body sugaring is a hair removal method similar to waxing. Itís often called sugar waxing or Persian waxing.

Body sugaring hair removal has been in use as hair removal method since 1900 BC, "when a hairless and smooth body was considered the standard of youth, beauty and innocence for women in Egypt.

Sugaring can be less painful than waxing, because the sugar paste sticks to the hair without attaching to the skin, may be applied at room temperature, preventing burning. Nevertheless, body sugaring has some risk of skin irritation, sensitivity, and reaction. Although many find sugaring less painful than waxing.

Body sugaring is one of numerous hair removal methods. Sugaring can be easily used at home and its cost is next to nothing. The body sugaring method is almost the same with different women and usual cotton strips are used. Muslin strips are much heavier than cotton strips .

Watch our selection of Body Sugaring Videos and learn more about this excellent hair removal method.

Body sugaring has many advantages compare to waxing.

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Are you ready for body sugaring. Learn the Body Sugaring Technique. Improve your body sugaring skills with some handy Body Sugaring Tips.

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